Use TriNet APIs to build applications using your company’s TriNet data. This document provides all the information you need to get started.

Complete the following steps to set up your API access:

  1. Send a request to We may reach out to you to obtain more details before providing access.
    Once your access is set up, you will receive your client ID and secret (confidential code shared between you and TriNet).
  2. Determine which type of application you want to implement. See Application Types to learn about advantages and requirements of each type.
    If you will be implementing a business-to-business (B2B) application, you will need to create a “trusted advisor” user so that API calls can be run with that user’s credentials.
  3. Before the application can obtain the data using TriNet APIs, the application must obtain an access token. (One token can grant access to multiple APIs.) See Application Types to learn how to acquire tokens.
  4. Determine your minimum required access to allow your application to retrieve and update the necessary information. Access is limited by the following:
    • The credentials used to run the API call must have permissions (roles) to access the necessary data.
    • Oauth Scopes provide more granular access to the APIs. See Oauth Scopes for detailed information.

Next Steps:

See Understanding TriNet APIs to learn more about authentication and using TriNet APIs..

Use the following URLs to set up your environments:

  • Test environment: Use your test credentials to obtain an access token to make calls to
  • Production environment: Use your production credentials to obtain an access token to make calls to